The Pouring Spot

Teen Center  

235 North 1st Str.

Pulaski, TN

Impacting our youth with Love​


April 21, 2020 marks our 3rd Year in Operation!!

We are here to help, mentor and encourage!  

Just being here could make all the difference :) 

The Pouring Spot

Teen Center           

Here to Equip and Empower our Youth of Today for a Purpose Driven Tomorrow 


The Pouring Spot- Teen Center 

is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

In June 2019 we relocated to 200 East Jefferson St.

right off our town's square in Pulaski, TN.  

We offer social, academic and individual support. 

The Pouring Spot is safe hangout that helps nourish positive interactions between 

young people from diverse incomes, backgrounds 

and interest together into a common place.   

This is made possible due to our supportive and generous community! To God be the Glory!

  •  Teen Center-Hours 
  • <<Mon., Tues. & Thurs. 3pm-7pm>>
  • <<Friday 3pm- 9pm/varies>>
  • <<Saturday 4pm-9pm/varies>> 
  • Closed Weds. & Sun.
  •  ​

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Our Mission

The Pouring Spot's mission is to offer a relaxed environment void of judgment and full of Godly love to support our youth.

Our focus is to offer fun, food, and many hands on learning experiences. 

We provide a safe, supervised, uplifting, and supportive atmosphere.

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Our Location

We are located off our town's square, which is centrally located from our middle and high schools.  The Teen Hangout offers relaxed seating along with game room equipment, and small cafe/snack bar.

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Our Purpose

The Pouring Spot's purpose is to provide a loving and supportive experience. 

Our volunteer staff will teach and lead by example with Christ like character. The Pouring Spot/hangout will be an answer for a growing generation of indifferent youth in our community.

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Board of Directors

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